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Fat Boys Blob™ Designer shares his engineering secrets


Fat Boys Blob

Fat Boys Blob® is the premier name in performance water launch pads. Whether you own a summer camp, do crazy stunts like Nitro Circus, or just looking for something fun to do on your next adventure, the Fat Boys Blob® is the perfect toy to keep you entertained all summer long.  

Every square inch of the Fat Boys' Blob™ was engineered to deliver quality and maximize performance.  The shape creates a better energy transfer from the jumper to the person getting launched into the water.  The inflatable buoys on the sides increase stability and reduce setup time to as little as 40 minutes. 

The pod where the launcher sits catapults smoother and more predictable than any inflatable water launch pad on the market.  With performance and quality unparalleled in our industry, it is no wonder that two world records have already been set with the Fat Boys' Blob™. 

Fat Boys Blob

Water Launch Pad. Redefined.

Discover why the Fat Boys Blob set TWO WORLD RECORDS.

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Our performance-focused Fat Boys Blob design will launch you higher and farther on the water than ANY other inflatable launch pad. The reason the Fat Boy has been featured on practically every major news station and tours with Nitro Circus is because we are the best at performance water launch pads.

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