Fat Boys has a strong commitment to ethics and integrity. Our core values define the means by which we do business. We believe in three core principals that will govern all tough decisions: integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all that we do.  
Each day, in both life and work, we are faced with ethical decisions that govern leisure activities, business accounting decisions, and the way we treat others.  WTE’s code of ethics provides guidance in making the right choices when called upon to do so. 
As we do business with others, we hope that our associates will embrace the same level of ethical conduct to which we hold ourselves.  We expect fair trade, honest partners, and respect from those with whom we associate.


Doing the right thing means that we are honest and dependable.  WTE will strive to offer top quality inflatable trampolines that are exactly as described in the promotional materials that we use.  Doing the right thing may not always be the easiest or most expedient method, but it shall be the only method by which we operate.  
We will hold our business associates to the same standard of integrity by which we live.  We will not tolerate dishonesty or unethical business among friends, clients, or business associates. 

Commitments to our Customers

Fat Boys’s customers are the life force of our business and we are indebted to them for helping Fat Boys grow and succeed.  Any contractual obligation that we make with clients will be completed to the full extent, even if it means that we take a loss on the sale.  A long-standing reputation of quality customer service is more important to the WTE name than any form of short monetary gains.

Commitments to Vendors and Suppliers

We will be professional and fair in all dealings with vendors and suppliers. Business partners will be selected based on their core values and honest business practices that match our high standards.


All promotional products, whether shown in person or on the web, will accurately reflect the products that we are selling.  We will not participate in false advertising in order to boost our brand’s image or increase sales.  All advertisements will be consistent with our core values. 


Antitrust laws in the United States and other countries preserve a free and competitive market.  Fat Boys will be in full compliance with these laws.   We will not discuss prices, markets, services, or other areas of interest with competitors of partners.  We will not participate in any business that may result in partners being restricted to enter the market. 


Much of the information with which we use to operate Fat Boys at work each day is confidential.  This information may include partnering businesses’ financial information; business development materials; costs of goods; personnel files; company policies, manuals, guidelines, and procedures; computer software; design documents and specifications; and company videos.

Ecumenical Respect

Proprietary respect for the well being of individuals is warranted until lost.  We will respect and show courtesy to all people, regardless of race, religion, gender, age, or financial background.  We will measure and judge others based on their actions and not their social or economic backgrounds. 
We will never participate in activities that may intentionally physically harm another or damage the reputation of other businesses.  We will speak kindly of competitors; at all times will we be honest when evaluating competitor products and services amongst customers.  
We will not do business nor maintain friendship with those who do not uphold the same ecumenical respect for others.

Ethical Conclusion

Our values do not reflect solely on Fat Boys, but on the people within the company.  Our values are a direct reflection upon our ethical and moral standard of living.  We strive to abide by these ethical values at all time.  We will do our best to ensure that Fat Boys is always within the standards of our Code of Ethics.