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A Note From the Creator On how It ALl started

Thank you for contacting Fat Boys.  We build the world's best water launch pad!

When I created the Fat Boys Blob® in 2011, it was designed to break a world record with a team of insane stunt devils.  We had a borderline crazy idea:  rent a high speed boat traveling 80mph and then fly a powered paraglider in behind us at dangerously low levels while the stunt devils grabbed the risers and hung on for dear life until they were flown 70ft into the air over the Fat Boys Blob®.  They then timed their drop perfectly to land on the Fat Boy and launch a stunt devil up for the world record.  A stunt this incredible needed a launch pad of epic proportions.  If we get a chance to talk on the phone, feel free to ask me about the event went!   

Every other launcher on the market has this pillow shape design that drastically reduces launch efficiency.  Having an engineering background, I knew I could design something better.  For 9 months, I went to work with a team of engineers to create the best launcher on the market.  We built cad drawings, computer rendered simulations, and prototypes until we found the perfect dimensions to create an epic launch.  

While we didn't break the world record that day, we had a blast filming some incredible stunts and raised $10k for charity.  From this event, the Fat Boy as we know it today was born.  Since our inception, the Fat Boy has been featured on dozens of television shows, we tour with Nitro Circus, and have 2 world records.  There is nothing quite like it on the market.

I look forward to speaking to you and I sincerely hope that when you receive your Fat Boy, you love it as much as we do. 


Brigham Dallas
Lead Designer & Creator